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    W. T. McGill writes to the Home regarding Wilie Worh, a boy who they apparently adopted from the Home and are having trouble with. They say that Wilie says he will not stay unless they will "pay him wages as he is bent on having money of his own." He goes on to say that they have given him too much to pay him, and that any money they have given him he has spent on "tobaco and other trash." They want to send him to "a house of reform as soon as posible" and ask for the Home to advise. They specify that they want him to be treated well but "do not want to think of him as tramping over the world being misstreated and nocked about." Letter marked Sonora Hardin Co., KY.

    Bro H. K. Thomas writes to the Home on behalf of James Le Thomas, who hopes to adopt a girl from 7-10 years old. He also states that "Bro Pryor said your boys were to young wouldn’t suit him." He says Thomas is between 30 and 35, married, and has a good farm and some money. Letter marked Folsomdale, Graves Co., KY.
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