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    H. C. Wood writes to Weller about a boy he adopted named Will Bunch. He states that, although he raised 5 boys of his own and 3 orphan boys, Will is the "first child that I ever saw that I could not controle." He states that Will has stolen from him multiple times, and that he wants to "return him at once." Letter marked Malcoms Mills. In a letter from 30 August 1894, Wood writes to Weller again regarding Will. He says that Will went to Sunday school last Sunday and hasn't returned since. Wood says he "rode more than a hundred mile trying to find him but haven't found him as yet." He says he heard he went West, and fears he is "distine to som Bad End." He says he "never have whiped him but 5 or 6 lick WhatEver possessed him to run off I can't tell he dont want to bee sent back at all but I cannot keep him." Letter marked Malcomsmills. In a letter from 1 Oct 1894, Wood writes to Weller to ask to be released from all obligations for Will Bunch. He wants to send him back to the Home as soon as Weller writes him back. Letter marked Mascons Falls, KY. In a letter from 15 Oct 1894, Wood writes again to Weller regarding Will. He says that Will ran away again because he knew that Wood was going to send him back to the Home and he didn't want to go, he just "wants to trop about from plas to plas." He says that "he is a strange boy" and "if I ever get him I will rite you and start him back at once." Letter marked Malcoms Mills, KY.

    Beaty writes to Hollingsworth asking for an application to "get a girl in the home." Letter marked Oakville, KY. In a follow-up letter on 10 Oct 1893, Beaty writes that the girl is about 11 years, has no father or mother, no estate, and is sound in body and mind. In another letter 12 Oct 1893, she writes that she doesn't know the father's age or church status, and that the girl was an illegitimate child. She says that her grandmother is a member of Pleasant Grade Baptist Church of Lagon Co., KY.
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