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    Utley writes to "Brother Pierce" regarding the adoption of a girl from the Home. He says the girl will suit them well. Letter marked Salem, KY. In a letter from 9 July 1894, Utley sends $5 for the adoption of Lula and to send her to Prinston, KY. He says that if Lula has a mild disposition, there will be no problem with the rest of the family. Letter marked Salem, KY. In another letter from 9 July 1894, Utley writes again to send $5 "to pay Miss Lula a lot [?] expence to Prinston KY in care of Rev. R. W. Morehead." He asks for her to be sent as soon as convenient, and reassures Weller that she will fit with the family. He also states that "the girl that left us to live with her sister a few weeks ago lived with us 9 years," which is very likely referring to Eliza Goodman and her sister Amie Goodman, who wrote to the Home asking to take care of Eliza on 15 June 1894. Letter marked Salem, KY. On a letter from 23 July 1894, Utley describes a girl named Julia who has come to live with his family. He says "she has become sattisfied and will stay with us two years any how," and that "she has some faults we would be vary glad she was clare of." He says that she won't go to school and that he "cant force her to go." He asks how she stayed at the Home and has no education. He says, "Julia sez tell the girls that she has got a good many nice preants since she come to Salem." Letter marked Salem, KY. In a letter from 2 Oct 1894, Utley writes that he cannot keep Jula (Julia? Lula?) Fox, as he "cant controler her she has the worst disposition of eny human I ever seen." He says that they have tried every method to control her "but use the rod," which he won't do. He says he "won't have [his] wife tormented to death" and he will try to find her a home in the country. He asks to be released from her. Letter marked Salem, KY. In a letter from 29 Oct 1894, Utley writes that he "got Julia for a good home in the county where she will be well treated if she will behave herself." He goes on to say that many "Brothers and Sisters that was strong friends to the Home" say that if Julia "was a fair sample of the training of the Home that they would never give another dollar." He asks for a "girl that has a mild plesant disposition" between 10 and 14 that he will send to school, feed and clothe. Letter marked Salem, KY.
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