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    Fife writes to the Home asking to adopt a boy, and specifies that he "would want the oldest boy you have now." He says that he lived in Leitchfield, KY for several years but now lives in Cecilia, KY. He includes several references from Leitchfield. Letter marked Cecilia, KY. In a response letter, Fife states that he thinks "the boy" will suit him, but has questions regarding his health, disposition, complexion, and intelligence. In a second letter from 8 May 1894, Fife states that he and his wife prefer to see "the girl before we take her," so they will come to the Home in 3-4 weeks. Letter marked Cecilia, KY. In a letter from 30 May 1894, Mrs. Fife writes that she received Weller's letter late and so did not respond, but that she can come to the Home in 3-4 weeks and is interested in a boy around 8 years old. She asks if any boy at the Home has been raised in the city, and "if he would like to come to the county to life and oblige." Letter marked Riney Vill, KY.
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