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    Olds writes to the Home to inquire about taking a girl from the Home under apprenticeship. He says he would like one between 10 and 12 years, helthy, honest, bright, can learn to do house work and that is not Dutch or Irish. He provides references, and requests that Hollingsworth pick a child that suits their family. Letter marked Tacketts Mill, Owen Co., KY. In a letter from 8 Sept 1894, Olds writes to Weller to send $2 and bonds to have the girl sent on the Slim Falls City next wekk to Monterey KY. He says he will meet her there. Letter marked Tacketts Mill, KY. In a letter from 14 Sept 1894, Olds says that he will be at Monterey Sept 18th to "meet Miss Zetta Farmer at the boat." Letter marked Tacketts Mills, Owen Co., KY.
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