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  • PC3.0262.013_ Catherine Dahl #1 Page 7.jpg

    Purchased by the US Government from Katherine Dahl, this home housed Camp Commander Major General Harry Hale. Today it is for sale.
  • PC3.0262.094.jpg

    Dr. James C. Mitchell leased and then sold his home and property for the Camp, but its distinctive frame remains in the neighborhood behind George Rogers Clark Park.
  • PC3.0262.026.jpg

    Brothers William and Joseph Crawford owned adjoining farms off Poplar Level Road before World War I, and both had to make way for the camp. Today their farmhouses sit streets apart in a residential area between Poplar Level and Illinois Avenue.
  • PC3.0262.035_Ben Boerste #2 Page 17.jpg

    Supposedly the home of early Jefferson County settler Elizabeth Prather, the Ben Boerste house is across Illinois Avenue from the Louisville Nature Center’s parking lot.
  • PC3.0262.092_W.S. Bodley #1.jpg

    W. S. Bodley sold this home and property for the Camp; in 1921, some of the property was repurchased by Rogers Clark Ballard Thruston and given to the city of Louisville as George Rogers Clark Park. This house remained in the residential area.
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