Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1895 March 4 (pt. 2)


Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1895 March 4 (pt. 2)


Louisville Equal Rights Association


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1895 March 4


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was taken and she was unanimously elected Corresponding Secretary for the year.

The offices of President and Recording Secretary now being vacant Mr. A. G. Munn was chosen unanimously as President, and the Cor. Sec. requested to inform him, with an urgent appeal that he accept.

The vote for recording Secretary resulted in the election of Mrs. M. F. Hibberd to fill that office.It was moved that Dr. Heywood and wife be made honorary members of the E.R.A. in appreciation of his many efforts in our behalf, and his earnest advocacy of equal rights. This was carried by a rising vote.

A motion was made and carried that Dr Jones be made an honorary member for this year, in recognition of his courtesy and interest at the time of Miss. Anthony's lecture, and on various occasions.

Mrs. Leech then devoted a few minutes to a drill in the proper manner of putting and seconding motions, and making amendments. It was moved and carried that we give a portion of the time of our meetings to parliamentary drill, as the need of such knowledge is felt by all.

March 1895

The members of the E.R.A. were invited by Mrs. Leech to meet Miss. Laura Clay, who was passing through the City on her return from a visit to several points in the State, made in the interest of the State E.R.A.

Miss. Clay gave an interesting and enthusiastic account of the feeling aroused at these points. She also gave an outline of work to be pursued this year. The local associations were requested to distribute literature at their own expense -the Louisville organization taking Jefferson County -the literature to be obtained of the Woman's Journal, Boston Mass.

The work

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