Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1889 April 18 (pt. 4)


Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1889 April 18 (pt. 4)


Louisville Equal Rights Association


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1889 April 18


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and some will power, instead of allowing themselves to be convinced of invalidism while the Doctor draws a comfortable income, and homes suffer for housewifely care.

In the consideration of new business which followed the reading, it was the unanimous decision of those present, that until our cause has grown in strength the meetings should be held oftener, and decided by vote that they be held on the 1st& 3rdSaturday of every month.

A motion was made, that in the petition for female physicians in female wards of insane asylums, it should be understood that no distinction be made in favor of either school of medicine to the exclusion of the other, nor that the appointments be limited to native born physicians.. -Seconded and carried.

The following motions were made and carried: -That we undertake to have the “age of consent” raised in Ky. That we work to have women appointed to positions in public places -especially police stations.

The Sec'y was instructed to write an invitation to the W.C.T.U. asking them to meet with us, and arrange for cooperative work.

There being no unfinished business to consider, the meeting adjourned.




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