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Letter, 14 October 1918


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Letter addressed to Corporal Louis J. Discher, Co. F, 120 Infantry, 30 Division, American Expeditionary Forces. Address on envelope crossed out. Letter was apparently redirected to other army units before being stamped “Return to Writer.”

Monday Evening
Oct. 14, 1918

Dear Louis:

If you were in Louisville I wonder what you would think of it, a heck of a place. The Spanish flu is closing almost everything. We cant go to theatre, picture shows, dances, and even the churches are locked. Every one had family prayers at their homes yesterday. Had ours at eleven o'clock. We had an early dinner, and read our papers in the afternoon. Uncle Frank, Aunt Maggie & Cousin Albert were out for supper. In the evening they played cards, Cecelia read and Clara, Otillia and myself went down to Harprings.

Elsie called in the morning and asked us to come down. Mrs Harpring and Laura left Thursday for Indianapolis to visit Joe. He expects to leave this week for Purdue University. There were five hundred in the class, and thirty were picked out of it, to be sent to this place. He was one of the boys that were selected. Some more of the Harpring's luck. Mr Harpring went up with them, but came home Sat. night, and left on a business trip Sunday. Elsie, Henry George and the baby, Robert are staying out with Helen & Anna Christine. We spent a very pleasant evening talking about every thing & every body. Clara took a couple of your latest letters along with us, they think you write such interesting ones. They are always so anxious to hear what you are doing. Elsie said she and Helen talk about you so much.

John Goss looks fine in his uniform. Billy thinks he has such a dirty neck but I imagine the blue rubs off on it.

I have been asked to join another club. Helen & Laura Harpring, Lelia & Estelle Traub, Nellie Stack, Marie DeSopia. Bertha Goss & myself. A five hundred club. We were going to have our first meeting Sunday, but will only have it next Sunday. Laura being away and John Goss had some boys for supper Sun. and wanted Bertha to help entertain.

Lelia Traub & Nellie Stark are taking business courses. Lelia received a letter from Ray Goepper last week. She was never so surprised in her life. You see you are not the only one who likes to get mail.

I was so surprised at the meeting with D. Shelly. I never imagined that we favored each other so much. To be picked out of that bunch of girls that come to the K of C dances and taken for your sister. She seems to be a very sweet girl. Oh, by the way I met Lois Stice on the street last week. She and her two sisters are in Lou. attending the university, inquired for you also.

Well, all the boys that I was intimate with out at the Camp are moved. That is one of the reasons why I am so anxious for the flu, to leave so the dances can start, so I can meet some more boys. It is rather dull when you have been used to having them. Sergt Major Walker & Sergt D[name indecipherable] are at Camp Gordon Ga. attending the Infantry Central Officers Training School. In a letter that I got from Walker Thursday he said they are working them so hard there. From five in the morning till ten at night. With Saturday afternoon and Sundays off. Said he has spent five of the most strenuous weeks of his life. It lasts four months but they will make it in three. He was one of those that had an easy time of it at Camp Taylor.

Cecelia's Lieut friend Tom Mitchell also left. He is the big[g]est tease you would want to meet, but he sure is good looking. I think he knows it too, with no doubt about it. He would just as soon stay in the kitchen as the parlor, and wanted to help with every thing. Told Cecelia he thinks I look like Margaret Clark. Just a little bit of a compliment, dont you think?

Martin Holskneck took me to the Mary Anderson last Sunday night. Ray Potts and his girl were with us. The show was very good. Lasted till ten fifty, just in time to get something at Lee L[name indecipherable] and make our eleven twenty car. Billy got on at the limits, so I made Martin get off. I was too sleepy to sit up till one. He wanted to take me again this Sunday but the shows closed this week.

The flu is getting better out at Camp now. They had less than half as many new cases today, then they have been having. I think we will be allowed to use our machine next Sunday and hereafter. They are going to ration the Gasoline out to the people. I dont think any one is sorry.

It sure seems like fall now, with all the leaves drop[p]ing off the trees and we are expecting a killing frost any time. We made another trip out to the cemetery last week took the Aunts along. They took some of their dahlias and we also took some of ours. They are beautiful this year. Especially our reds and the yellow ones.

Oh! I almost forget to tell you, I was so pleased to received that letter that you sent me. We are expecting one from you today. I will have to close for this time but will write soon again.

With Love from all and especially your little sister
Mary Frances


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