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Exhibit records


Exhibit records


Graphics and other materials created by Filson Historical Society staff in the process of curating exhibitions. The collection also includes digital images of loaned materials.


The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky




21st century

Collection Items

  • Postcard.pdf

    Advertisement postcard for "Animals in the Archives" exhibit at the Filson Historical Society.
  • Tudor Terrace Infographic.jpg

    Infographic on Tudor Revival design elements created for the Olde England on the Ohio exhibit at the Filson Historical Society.
  • 1926-christmas-seal_4797541946_o.jpg

    5 annual Christmas seals sold by the Louisville Tuberculosis Association as a fundraiser.
  • Tudor Lemon Gallery newsclipping June 20 1957.jpg

    Newspaper clipping on the sale of the Lemon Galleries Building at 223 East Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky.
  • IMG_6152.JPEG

    Mixed media model of a Tudor Revival home decorated for Christmas. The model was displayed in the Olde England on the Ohio exhibit at the Filson Historical Society in 2022-2023.
  • Olde England Opening.jpg

    Backside of a postcard announcing the opening of the Olde England on the Ohio: Louisville's Tudor Revival exhibit at the Filson Historical Society. The design features a color rendering of a Tudor Revival building with the exhibit title printed above.
  • Super Suds.JPG

    Advertisement for Abramson's Market in 1943 - Louisville Courier-Journal

    Digital rendering by GBBN Architects for the new Trager Family Jewish Community Center on Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, Kentucky.

    This item is included in the Bricks and Mortar, Soul and Heart: The Evolution of Louisville's Young Men's Hebrew Association and Jewish Community Center 1890-2022 digital exhibit at:
  • FortNelson_1.jpg

    Front and side views of Mitcher's Distillery in downtown Lousville, 2022. The building, also known as the Fort Nelson Building, dates back to the 1870s. The cast-iron, limestone, and brick structure survived the 1890 tornado and the 1937, but sat vacant for several decades until Mitcher's Distillery occupied the space in 2019. The space was revitalized by Joseph & Joseph + Bravura Architects.
  • KYSci_1.jpg

    Front of the Kentucky Science Center. The sign at top of the building says "Carter Dry Goods Co."

    Founded in 1871 as a natural history collection, the museum was known as Louisville Museum of Natural History & Science and the Louisville Science Center before becoming the Kentucky Science Center.

    Built in 1878 by J. Clarke, the front features a distinctive cast-iron facade with geometric designs and head panels on the windows. The cornice on the top of the building reads "Carter Dry Goods." The city purchased the property in 1975 and the museum moved to the premises in 1977, serving as another example of a successful revitalization project to preserve the building.
  • Cecelia.jpg

    The Filson has no images of Cecelia Larrison. Only the wealthy had enough time and money to have their portraits painted or photographed during this era.
  • IMG_7473.jpg

    Struck family gravestone in Cave Hill Cemetery. Struck was Johanna Gunter's family.
  • IMG_7474.jpg

    Photo of the Gunter family gravestone at Cave Hill Cemetery. One side has the engraved names for Paul (1857-1936); Johanna (1856-1924); and Herman (1889-1913). The other side has the engraved names for Erna (1893-1973) and Ralph (1894-1962)
  • uncut carte_Met.jpg

    Uncut carte-de-visite print of Prince Lobkowitz.

  • Women at Work Door Vinyl .jpg

    Exhibit door graphic.
  • Continuity of Care Postcard Front.jpg

    Front of the promotional postcard for the Filson Historical Society Exhibit "Continuity of Care: Transforming Jewish Hospital for Modern Louisville, 1945-1980."