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Main Street


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Main Street


No. 27: Destruction of Main Street between 7th and 8th Street. This image may be part of another series, not the same as No. 27 as listed in Stuber's March 27, 1890 Tornado Views Series.

The W. Stuber & Brothers "Tornado Views" is a series of mounted photographs that is a compilation of 28 views of Louisville, Kentucky after the 1890 Tornado. This collection includes 21 out of the 28 views from this series and 1 image from another Stuber Series [Stuber Flat-27]. The following numbers from the "Tornado Views" series are not in this collection: No. 2, No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, No. 19, No. 20, and No. 27.

W. Stuber & Bro. also created a book titled, "Tornado Views of Louisville. Indelible Photographs" published by The Albertype Co. in 1890. This book features many images from this series. [SEE: Pamphlet Collection, 551.55 L888]

SEE ALSO: W. Stuber Stereocard Series for similar views of the 1890 Tornado.


W. Stuber & Brothers 1890 Tornado Views Photograph Collection



Stuber Flat-27


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