Image of the Cabbage Patch Settlement House


Image of the Cabbage Patch Settlement House


The first Cabbage Patch Settlement House built for the purpose was constructed in late 1910 or early 1911, at 1461 Ninth Street (the second house from Burnett). In an interview, founder Louise Marshall remembered, �There was just one room and a closet on the first floor, and then at the back of the house you went upstairs to the second floor. We had a side yard that we played in and we had the first floor as a playroom and the upstairs we fixed for living quarters�. Upstairs we had, in addition to the living quarters, a children�s library and an adult library that was a branch of the public library.�


Cabbage Patch Settlement House Photograph Collection


The Filson Historical Society Special Collections


ca. 1910


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Cabbage Patch Settlement House Photograph Collection



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