Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1895 April 1 (pt. 2) - 1895 May 6 (pt. 1)


Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1895 April 1 (pt. 2) - 1895 May 6 (pt. 1)


Louisville Equal Rights Association


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1895 April 1 - 1895 May 6


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endeavor to secure the insertion of articles or paragraphs on the above subjects. Mrs. Bergmann and Mrs. Hibberd were appointed as this committee. In case the papers granted our request Mrs. Leech suggested that our membership be divided and allotted to the different papers, so that each member should furnish something at regular intervals.

After discussion of this plan the meeting adjourned.

Minutes of Meeting May 6th 1895

The meeting convened as usual, with Mrs. Leech presiding. Minutes of April meeting read and approved.

The committee appointed to solicit space in the different papers for suffrage articles, report the editors as quite eager for the communications, and very kind and affable toward the committee. Mrs. Hayden had been added to the committee and proved an able assistant. In order to utilize the time intervening before the May meeting, Mrs. Leech, Mrs. Hayden, and Mrs. Hibberd supplied articles for one week each.

Mrs. Bergmann reportedhaving visited the Anzeiger office, the editor consenting to publish articles, but wishing it distinctly understood that he did not approve the movement. It was moved and carried that Mrs. Bergmann and Miss. Leib be appointed to furnish articles for the Anzeiger.

It was also moved and carried that the Chair be authorized to appoint a committee consisting of both ladies and gentlemen, to be associated with Mrs. Josephine K. Henry in her work before the political conventions soon to meet.

The following resolution was read, and adopted by the meeting: “Resolved: that we use our influence

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