List of Members 1895 April 1


List of Members 1895 April 1


Louisville Equal Rights Association


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1895 April 1


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List of Members April 1st 1895

Mrs. Susan L. Avery - Anchorage Ky or 620 Division St. Chicago, Ill
Mrs. George C. Avery - 39 St. James Court
Mrs. C. J. F. Allen - 1523 Fourth Avenue
Mrs. M. C. Bell - 1414 Garvin Place
Mrs. G. T.Bergmann - Columbia Building
Mr. W. H. Bradbury - 218 E. Oak 1448 2nd St
Mrs. W. H. Bradbury - 218 E. Oak
Mrs. James Buchanan - 311 W. Walnut
Miss. Emily Beeler - 1631 First St.
Miss. Bessie Beeler - 1631 First St.
Mrs. Helena M. Cady M.D. - Fifth St. near Walnut
Mr. J. M. Chatterson - 1414 Garvin Place
Mrs. J. M. Chatterson - “ “
Miss. Lorena Green - First & Walnut removed
Miss. Anna J. Hamilton - Second & Walnut 549 2nd
Mrs. Q. F. Hayden - 1189 Sixth St.
Mrs. Mary F. Hibberd - The Rossmore
Dr. Julia Ingram - 839 Third St.
Dr. Anna Lawrence - “ “
Miss. Mary Lafon - 1505 Fourth Ave.
Mrs. C. A. Leech - 1735 First St.
Miss. Carolyn Apperson Leech - “ “
Miss Caroline Leib - 204 E. Broadway
Miss. Sallie A. Maury - Floyd near Broadway
Miss. Anna Moore - Second & Walnut
Mr. A. G. Munn - Lucas Place
Miss. Hallie Quigley - 1501 Fourth Ave.
Mrs. M. T. Rogers - Clifton Ky
Mrs. C. B. Robinson - Anchorage
Miss __ Shipp - 1817 First St.
Mrs. J. E. Speed - Crescent Hill
Miss Adelaide H. Shroder Mrs. H. R. Whitesides - 921 Second St.



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