Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1889 April 18 (pt. 2)


Louisville Equal Rights Association Minute Book, 1889 April 18 (pt. 2)


Louisville Equal Rights Association


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1889 April 18


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[Com]mittee on Hygiene and Dress, the chairman being absent. The Press Committee was also unrepresented.

Mrs. Avery, chairman of Literature Committee, distributed leaflets among members, and read several able articles[:] Municipal Suffrage for Women, by Ednah D Cheney in which the writer says:The object of town and city governments should be mainly for the protection of homes; that the town is only an enlarged house-hold, and the same qualities of care and thrift and attention to details which women are called upon to exercise in their house-holds, are needed in the town.

In the house-holds men and women work well in union. Why not in the town? That Massachusetts has settled the abstract principle of the right and propriety of women's voting, by the ready assent as such she gave to the demand that women should be empowered to vote in the election of school trustees. -That if they are able to aid in choosing the officers with whom rests one of the most important functions of the State, -the education of its citizens, it is impossible to say “Women are by nature unfitted to take any part in the government of city, state, or nation.[”] That we must go on from the first step is evident.

From the “Woman's Column” an article was read embodying a letter written by

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