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Letter, 11 September 1918 with cover




Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Thursday, September 12, 1918.
Camp Taylor, Kentucky [Wednesday] Sept 11, 1918
Dear Sweetheart - Well I am back in the barricks [sic] and have moved most of my stuff. got here O.K. about 12 oclock some what tired and not as happy as when I got home Sat. evening. A Mrs Redwood stepped up to my side at the depot just after I got off the train and ask[ed] me if I was waiting for a car to camp, and when I told her I was she wanted to know if I knew where 22nd Co 6 Bat. was. well I went with her to the street where the co. was but [they] would not let her in as her boy is quarinteened [sic] but if she would wait until 5.00 she could see him at the edge of the camp. She lives in Cincinnati she was glad that I happened along when I did and paid my street car fare. Well I got my package O.K. and have sampled my chockolate [sic]. it is O.K. It is so lonesome down here now that I feel as if I was entirely forsaken. but I know that as long as I have you I am not. I just don't know what to do, but suppose I will feel better when I get to work again. Thurs., Sept. 12. Sweetheart, I will now finish my letter which I started yesterday as I just got my new address. well I am lucky in one way as I find my cook John Richie on the same shift, so I will still have it better than if I was alone with strangers. It rained last night after midnight, awful and the lightining [sic] was just fearful, but this morning it is pretty. I have been eating some of my candy and it is very good. I think of you every piece, just tastes like home. Did you get home O.K.? but I know you did, and what are you doing now? do not cut corn so hard as to make yourself sick. oh I wish that I could do that for you, and I will some of these days as the Yanks & Allies continue to win. The place here where I sleep is right by the Y.M.C.A. just like this [a small drawing of two squares next to each other]. Now if you should happen to come down to see me come to the Hostess House which is at the end of the St. car line. first let me know when you are coming, then I can meet you there [.] if you could start in the morning you would get here on the train at 11.55 in Louisville and at the Hostess House at 12.15 then you could catch the 4 oclock for home[.] see. I found this out yesterday and that would give you 2 hrs with me. the railroad comes from town south like this [a crude map showing the route from Louisville to “where I am.”]
My address is Cook Frank Raymond Lane 6th Observation Battery F.A.C. O.T.S. Camp Taylor, Kentucky
Yours with love [no signature]


Lane, Frank Raymond , “Letter, 11 September 1918 with cover,” The Filson Historical Society Digital Projects, accessed April 13, 2024,