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Letter, 3 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

April 3, 1918

Dear Louis -

Was surely glad to receive your nice long letter today.

I was in at the Flag Raising Sunday with the Kastners. It certainly was a lovely day for it, and they had a fine crowd there. Met so many people that we know and they all inquired for you. Afterwards we walked through fourth St. Monday night Billy and I went to the K of C dance. Had a very nice time. Marie Doherty asked about you. I knew a good many that were there. Margaret Brown, Lucille Kern, Florence Pike, Lucille O'Conner, Lieut. Richmond[?], and some more that you dont know. There were about a dozen officers there, and they had about six tuckers [sic].

Mr Fraas took charge of every thing. When we went out to get in the machine it was raining, a summer thunder shower, and we had another one last night. Tuesday afternoon my club met at Mary Senn's. She had the lunch table fixed so cute for Edith Herbold, with the bride and groom and ring bearer cupids in the center, and favors at each place. Olga Klein had her visitor with her. Lois Stice's younger sister Eunice. She spent two weeks with Lois, and is staying a few days with Olga. Edith Herbold gets married Thursday night in the priest parlor, because Mr. Wade the man she is marrying is a non catholic. Elizabeth Campbell wants to know what you though of Lieut. Wing. It seems like she has been going out with him quite a bit. Capt. Adams & Lieut Smith are going to be in the Bannon and Curran wedding party. I dont know who the others will be. Henrietta is going to be the maid of honor, Elizabeth and two of Marie's friends will be the bridesmaids. The wedding will be at high noon, twelve thirty, April 20.

Wish you all were in Louisville so you could help eat some of the easter eggs that we have. You know we dyed one hundred and eight. Fixed a good many baskets for the neighbor children, and put a good many in each one, but there are so many for us to eat that we are sick of them.

You wrote that every thing is blooming down there. I wish you could see our yard every thing is the same as in the south, so pretty and green and all in bloom. The grass has been cut, and we expect to plant our flowers in a few days. Senn's have a new picture of Robert Traim taken with an officers cap on. It certainly is splendid of him. How do you like living in a tent, how large is Camp Sevier, and how do you like the officers? It is nearly twelve o'clock so I will close.

With love from all
Mary Frances

Write soon.
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