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Letter, 1 November 1918


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Letter addressed to Corporal Louis J. Discher, Co. F, 120 Infantry, 30 Division, American Expeditionary Forces. Letter was redirected to other army units before being stamped “Return to Writer.”

Louisville Ky
Nov. 1, 1918

My dear Louis,

When I got home from the office yesterday I found your dear sweet letter waiting for me. I was so glad to know that my letters reached you at such an opportune time. I hope that this one will do likewise. Last night I called up Clara & told her I had heard from you. I read the whole letter to her except that part where you asked me not to tell any one. I skipped over that part & read it as if I had nothing left out.

Louis I am terribly anxious to hear from you telling me about you being wounded. Clara showed me the Cablegram & my heart almost stopped beating. I was so shocked I could hardly speak. I was however glad to know that it was a slight wound. I know that you get the best attention and will be alright in a short while. Write me Louis, please & tell me all you can.

I bet that was some fight on the Western Front and I know that “Our Boys” especially (one) & that is you Louis, deserve all the praise & even more than they get. I hope that Germany will accept Wilson's peace terms & that you will soon be homeward bound. That sounds good doesn't it Louis? I hope & pray that it will soon come true & I know you do.

Mother & Mary are just fine & they certainly appreciated your thoughtfulness in remembering them. It sure is sweet of you Louis.

John is still at Camp Taylor & has put in an application for the Officer's Training Camp. I do hope he gets in & gets a commission.

Well Louis I will never stop praying for you & please write & tell me all about yourself.

Yours with love,

Dorothy Shelley, 22 years old, 1321 S. Floyd Street.


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