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Letter, 27 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Corp. Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Sat. P.M.
April 27 /18

Dear Brother:

We surely enjoyed your nice long letter received yesterday. [G]lad to hear you will get to Asheville N.C. I do not think that was such an imperfect day last Sunday, but see how nice it would have been if the elderly man would have taken you all home to spend the evening and take supper with him.

Aunt Lou's seemed to be very much pleased with you letter. I believe you are going to get a cake. I am returning the pink letter so you can answer it. We will send you some money because I heard today that Joe Heintzman has not been paid since January. So keep some for over there.

Well we are going to have Chaplains Mahoney and Grasshoff, Secretary Kelly and some other soldier for supper tomorrow night. Fraas has been transferred to some other camp, leaving today. Watson tells me Will Bohan is slightly disappointed. [H]e enlisted to get into the motor division and he was put in the gun division although he has been made Seargant [sic]. [T]hey are staying at a hotel and go out every morning to ammunition plants, garages or whatever branch they have been put in. Hours from six to eight. Five hundred applicants for the motor division and they only wanted ninety men.

We met Walter Diemer last night on the car but just had time to ask how he felt. [H]e said he is allright again and to tell you Hello for him. Mary Emma said Joe Heheman is still in the Depot Brigade. Father Rothheut enquired for you last night. [F]irst time since you have gone, but very likely he did not know you had left Camp T. [H]e sent me a soldier census card to fill out for you on Thursday. I asked him last night if it was for a service flag but he said he has to send them on to Washington. [T]hey get the Catholic percentage in that way. I thought you might send him a card some time. Cecelia says not, but do as you please about it.

As it is nearly six I will have to close. You might see me in Greenville yet.

With love from


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