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Letter, 26 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Corp. Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Fri. P.M.
April 26 / 18

Dear Louis:

Uncle Frank received your letter this morning and they got one out home. I was so sorry to hear about all that quarantine business because I was trying to induce Aunt Maggie to take me to Greenville next week. I though we could have left here in the middle of the week and stay over Saturday and Sunday with you. You see Aunt Maggie has promised me a trip this summer. [B]ut I am afraid that if Ed goes to camp, there will be no vacation for me unless I would go early and of course I would love to see my little brother before he sails so maybe she might take me to New York.

Do you know Rudolph Harpring really does have to go to camp Monday. Laura told Mary F. that Angela will not break up for a few months because so many married men have been discharged after being out at camp two or three months. Clara Graf told us at the Euchre the other night that Harold has to bring his own blanket, underclothes, socks, etc.

I was just talking to Tode and she says Marie Bannon and Lieut Curran are to be married at the Base Hospital. She was also telling me that Fount's sister and the baby are not so well and they have not heard lately from Dr Beale which of course is distressing her greatly. You had better not tell Fount (the above news). [I]f he does not leave with you Louis, let him telegraph C.O.D. to us when you leave Camp Sevier so we do not send any mail there.

Louis Heintzman was telling me that Joe has never received any of their mail so when you get to France, let us know the correct way to reach you.

Enclosed find your Liberty Loan Dollar. How did the cake reach you ? Did it taste good? As I want to catch the 5:50 I must say goodbye



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