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Letter, 16 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Tue. P.M.
April 16/18

Dear Louis:

I was very glad to get your nice long letter on Saturday, did not answer because Cecelia said she would write. Went to the theatre Saturday night, saw Roy Goepper, Frank Senn, Casey, John Hennessy and wife, Mr & Mrs Young and many others I knew.

We did not get to confession on Saturday so Otillia and I went to the 8:15 Mass as usual. [E]verybody got balled out. [F]rom the first Sunday in May our pastor is going to take up the collection in that Mass which is to be 10cts. [H]ere's one that is going to put in a nickel if present. Antoinette Goss told me at vespers that John had received your letter last week.

In the afternoon we went out to camp and took Aunt Lou with us. [S]he was very much taken with Will Kelly and asked him lots of questions. Things are beginning to look nice. [T]he tennis courts are dandy, all fenced in and benches around the side. K.C. Bldgs 2 and 3 have porch swings, lots of sodding has been done, the headquarters of the 334 Infantry looks especially nice. [W]e did not see the 336th this time. In the Depot Brigade they have a very pretty rustic summer house with a rustic fence around it and the benches to match. The men in the kitchen now wear those khaki suits like the tire service men.

Dorthy Shelley was in yesterday afternoon and introduced herself. [S]he was very much distressed that she had not heard from you since the early part of last week. [S]he said she had a package for you but was afraid to send it thinking perhaps you had left Camp Sevier. She told me she thought your picture was perfectly grand and looks so nice in the elegant frame she bought for it. You will be some framed up after a while. Hers will make the fourth package you should get. [D]id you get them all? I sent the first box of chocolates, ordered them last Friday. I mail the Herald every day.

I was interrupted just now by Bernard Schieman and his fiancee. [T]hey were in to buy a water heater for the Gallagher residence. [T]hey are going to live there for a while until things are more settled[.] [H]e is in Class 1A. Ed Lawless just showed me his final card[.] [H]e has been accepted as clerk whenever he is needed. Do not mention this in any of your letters because he does not intend to tell any one yet because it may be some time before he is called. Has the ghost walked yet? The Boston Shoe store is burning. Must be quite a large fire.

Will Bohan has gone with that bunch to Indianapolis to take a two months course in the automobile and motor cycle division. Watson said after that they will then train another bunch. The paper says immediate over sea service. He would have come in this next draft.

As it is six o'clock I will hear from you real soon

Yours lovingly


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