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Letter, 14 April 1918


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Letter addressed to Louis J. Discher, Co F 120 Infantry, Camp Sevier, S.C.

Sunday night
Apr 14th 1818

Dear Louis:

We have no company tonight so I am going to write you a nice short letter. I do not know if you will call it that or not. Your letters are just fine we all enjoy them and did not know our little brother could write such interesting ones.

Mary Frances went to Edith Herboldts shower last week given at Louise Goepper's house. She had every thing fixed so elaborate they played cards and Mary Frances won the consolation prize two pretty handkerchiefs. She got so many beautiful presents[.] M. F. took a pyrex pie pan with a fancy edge. Edith went on a short wedding trip to Dawson Springs. [S]he lives in the Washington apartments and is now Mrs. W. Griffin.

Last night Mary Frances and I kept house. Willie took the rest of the family to town in the machine. Papa went to the Mary Anderson. [H]e said the show was fine. Clara and Otillia went to Macauley's to see Julia Sanderson and Joseph Cawthorne in the Rambler Rose. The show was so good that the house was crowded. Millie went shopping and spent the evening at the K.C. Hall where they had a very nice dance more boys than girls which is something very unusual. [T]he girls all had to have a card. [A]fter the shows they all met at the K.C. and got home before twelve. The two Kelly boys want Willie to join the boat club but he is undecided about it.

This afternoon Willie and some of us went to Vespers and then out to Camp Taylor. Aunt Lou has never been out so she went along[.] [S]topped at No. 2 building. Kelly showed them the chapel. [H]e was very much surprised to hear you were gone. Most of his boys the 334th Infantry have gone[.] [H]e hated to see them leave they had been there so long. Kelly said O Daly is at Camp Sevier but we think it was North Caroline [sic] he was sent to. They are beginning to sod and plant trees out at camp.

Did you send all the relations cards? Aunt Lou's did not receive any so be sure and write them something. Did you get to church this morning and how do you like their K.C. building.

Louis we mailed your bag yesterday before you asked for the second so I will get some more goods. I hope it will prove satisfactory for I am not going to wait for an answer. The little hanger on the inside is one of Brother Joe's inventions to hang up when in use. The small bag in the inside is for your serving materials. Dont you think Otillia embroidered your name real pretty? I am anxiously waiting to hear in what condition and how soon your cake arrived. Clara mailed it on the way in Saturday morning and the man at the Post Office said it would reach Greenville Sunday afternoon but did not know how soon you would receive it.

Tell Kremer hello for me. I wish you boys could have been out home today to eat some of our fresh strawberries & cream. We had to[o] much as usual. The garden is getting along just fine. Papa plowed the ground and some of the seeds are planted out there and the other ones in the hot beds are up already[.] [W]e planted them real far apart and are not going to transplant them at all until it is time to set them out. It looks as if the snow made the grass grow so fast that I have to cut it again this week. It was down to twenty eight degrees but it did not freeze the lilacs both colors are perfectly beautiful.

We are contemplating having a dinner party Sunday night [-] the Chaplains and secretaries, and Uncle Frank and Aunt Maggie, but do not know if we will carry it through or not[.]

Elsie Harpring has a little son[.] [S]he is out at St. Mary & Elizabeth's hospital.

I suppose you have your picture by this time. We bought such a pretty bronze frame for ours to stand on the piano[.] [I]t looks just fine in it, and Aunt Maggie has hers on the wall so we see you every day.

Everybody wants to know how you like Camp Sevier and if you really think it nicer than Camp Taylor as most boys find the other camps[.] [T]hey say Elizabeth Zehnder said that E. Brown was called to join the signal Corps, but his Captain made him top Seargant [sic] so he could not leave.

How is that worrisome cough of yours - did you lose it in the sunny south?

Everybody is well at home. It is past eleven oclock so I will say Goodbye

With love and kisses

Your sister,


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