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St. John evening double-breasted knit jacket



St. John evening double-breasted knit jacket


Navy, double-breasted knit jacket by St. John Evening. The jacket is sailor inspired with nacy and white viscose rayon fabric on the collar and cuffs and gold acetate trim with gold sequins. It is a knit jacket made of 80% wool and 20% viscose rayon. The jacket features a shawl collar and a detachable bib with shiny white acetate trim and small gold dots. The bib is made of the same wool and viscose rayon fabric as the jacket and is secured by two snap button closures. There is a decorative shaft button on each cuff and three buttons each on the left and right front sides. Each button is round and tiered with a gold back and a raised center. The buttons each have a white ring followed by a gold ring encrusted with crystal, a navy ring, and a gold center also encrusted with crystals. A cloth fabric label with the designer's name and size is sewn in on the inside. Dress size is 12. Dry cleaner tags are attached via plastic fasteners on the cloth label and detachable bib. A fabric label with fiber content and care instructions is sewn at an inside seam on the proper left side.


Geneva H. Bell Collection, The Filson Historical Society




Bell, Geneva H. , “St. John evening double-breasted knit jacket,” The Filson Historical Society Digital Projects, accessed July 13, 2024,


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