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Letter from John Allen to Jane Allen, 28 August 1812



Letter from John Allen to Jane Allen, 28 August 1812


Camped at Mill Creek near Cincinnati, Ohio, John Allen writes to his wife that he has received her letter by favor of Major Hardin and he briefly notes the problems of having a barn built at home. He mentions the probable fall of Detroit due to William Hull's "perfidy" and "departure from honor," the possible fall of Fort Wayne, and the capture of and massacre at Fort Chicago. The loss of Detroit and its artillery, arms, and ammunition have caused their own army to delay. The army is excited by the recent disasters. Governor Harrison now in command.



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My Dr. Jane

Your letter by Mr. Hardin was rec^d^. I am sorry to hear that Mr Miller will not finish the Barn in due time you may use your discretion in procuring some person to finish it. It is probable Mr. Aldridge can befriend you in it

It is pretty certain Detroit has fallen by the perfidy of Hull - The probability is that Fort Wayne is or will be taken before we can get to it - Fort Chicago is taken -- The Prisoners after the capitulation were murdered by the Indians --The noted Wm Wells is among the dead - The Loss of artillary and amunition [illegible] at Detroit makes it necessary we should be better provided in going out than would otherwise have been necessary - This delays our march - We hope to be well prepared -- I trust we shall be able to drive the Enemy before us - The Spirits of the Army are Excited by the disasters following Hulls departure from Honor - Gov.

[written in margin: 88 x 29]
Harrison is with us and takes the command our camp is at Mill Creek near Cincinnati In haste for yourself our dear children ^&[niece] I am friends with you accept the best wishes of yr [your?] Husband & friend John Allen 28th Augt. 1812

Mrs. Jane Allen Shelby County
[Partial red wax seal on left edge] [written in landscape orientation in middle of page]

Mrs. Jane Allen Shelby County Kentucky


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