YMHA First Floor Plan architectural drawing, 1915, 1928



YMHA First Floor Plan architectural drawing, 1915, 1928


Drawing from 1915 by Joseph & Joseph and lighting recommendations from 1928 by the Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) for the Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA) building.

The 1915 Joseph & Joseph architectural drawings are of the basement and all three floors of the new YMHA building, constructed at the corner of Second and Jacob to replace the old YMHA facility on First Street. The new building plans reflected the YMHA's expanded efforts to provide educational and cultural programs to Louisville's Jewish community in addition to recreational amenities. The plans show the new building's facilities, including a library, classrooms, billiard room, and a two-story gymnasium with an elevated track. The drawings also indicate materials used, such as marble for the shower stalls in the basement. The 1928 LG&E plans are of the basement and all three floors of the YMHA building, with symbols and a key indicating the recommended types, wattage, and location of outlets and lights. Most rooms are labeled, including the "ladies lockers" on the second floor.


1915, 1928


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Joseph & Joseph architectural records, Mss. AR J

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