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Letter, 2 September 1918 with cover




Letter, 2 September 1918 with cover


Letter from Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana. Discusses life at Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky, during World War I.


Mss. A L265 Lane, Frank Raymond. Correspondence, The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky





Mss. A L265 / 2



Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Tuesday, September 3, 1918.

25 Battery F.A.C.O.T.S. Camp Taylor, Kentucky [Monday] Sept 2, 1918

Sweetheart - Just before I start to work again, I will write you a few lines, so that you will know where my thots are. Well yesterday for dinner, we had chicken, mashed potatoes, celery, gravy and ice cream. so you see we had quite a dinner. I got my courtesy card so now I can get a pass I guess, so will try to go visiting, also am going to ask the mess Sergeant to try to get me a furlough for two weeks from today as we will be changed from here. I did not ask to come home yesterday as I could not have gotten off. They are changing Kitchen Police, and cooks here all the time some coming in and some going out but I guess we will stay here for a while at least. I understand I was put down as a second cook here but am not sure. oh! yes. I am getting on fast. You see we have first cook, second cook, and then the helpers some two or three. Two of our cooks went to West Point to cook for the Officers so you see they are some cooks. one has cooked for training camps before and the other one has cooked in the lumber camps of Wis. I exchanged one pair of pants this morning so now I have a fairly good looking suit. so if I get to come home I will look half way descent [sic]. I saw a great many people coming and going yesterday but none that I knew. so the Camp was and is as lonesome as ever. When you write be sure to put return to you address on every letter as you have done so that if I don't get them they will be returned to you. also put the address on the envelope that I wrote at the end of my letter which I wrote the 1st of Sept. Two hundred and two negroes were sent across yesterday. they were all six foot and husky. only one short man among them and he was a drummer. they will sure make the foe set up and take notice. Will Bateman is expecting to be transferred soon from Camp Taylor but he does not know where. they sure are seperating [sic] the boys. you don't know where, when or what is to be done with you. I still have some of my tablets you sent me but thot I would get some of this kind and save the tablet until I can't get any Y.M.C.A. paper. I went to a movie last night but it was not like we had at Versailles because it was not so good. will tell you all about it later. Well I will write again tomorrow evening.
Yours with love,


Lane, Frank Raymond, “Letter, 2 September 1918 with cover,” The Filson Historical Society Digital Projects, accessed July 13, 2024,


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