Letter to W. L. Weller from Mrs. K. P. Van Der Veer, October 19th, 1893.



Letter to W. L. Weller from Mrs. K. P. Van Der Veer, October 19th, 1893.



Mrs. K. P. Van Der Veer, principal of the East Kentucky Institute, writes to Hollingsworth regarding two small children who live with their mother, who is "as low as a woman could well be." Van Der Veer asserts that they live "just back of me," so she "knows all the facts." She explains that the woman, Mrs. Magrim, cannot take care of her two girls, who are 1 and 4. Van Der Veer asks Hollingsworth to send the paperwork and someone to get the girls as soon as possible, because she is afraid that if they wait too long, Magrim will "refuse to part with them." Letter marked Catlettsburg, KY. In a follow-up letter 19 Oct 1893, Van Der Veer writes that the Maginnis children are 11 months (Bessie), and almost 4 (Susie). She says that they are intelligent and sound in mind and body, but that Bessie is teething and can get cross. She asks if it is possible to "always keep" the girls in the Home so that "no temptations could come to them." She also wishes she could do something for the mother and writes that she is trying to help another woman in the area to get into the Home of the Friendless who tried to kill herself three times in the last month.




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