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Letter, 17 August 1918 with cover




Letter, 17 August 1918 with cover


Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana.


Mss. A L265 Lane, Frank Raymond. Correspondence, The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky





Mss A L265 / 1



Letter addressed to Miss Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Route #2, Box 52.
Postmarked [Sunday], August 18, 1918.

16 Battery, Officers Training School
Camp Taylor, Ky
[Saturday] Aug. 17, 1918

Dearest Nellie -

Will write again altho I almost feel as if I ought not as I have not had an answer since about Tuesday or Wednesday at the most. but guess you were to[o] busy but could you not write just a few lines at least twice a week. Oh, kid you don't know how I enjoy those letters. if you knew what we have to contend with [by] the way of tempt[at]ions you would be shocked to the utmost. they [are] such as I can hardily [sic] name, but just a few are vice, swearing, and vulgar talking. these are the most we have here. the boys go to town at least once a week, but I have not yet and that is not all. as long as you still love me rest assured that if I go to town I will come back just as much a man as I was when I went. I may have not always been O.K. but since you have come into my life I have been different and will continue to do so from now on[.] some of the books we read here give us a lecture on the tempt[at]ions that we should shun and why. So remember that when I come back to you I will be just as good as when I left, so help me God.

We are to have an inspection by an officer from Washington this morning and so we are trying to clean up. I will go back on duty at noon and then tomorrow afternoon I am going over to see if my Co. is still where they were.

I heard that Talcum powder would take dandruff out of your hair and would also keep your hair from coming out and would make it grow in again. I am going to try it when I come home.

Well I have to go wash some duds so I guess I had better bring this to a close. you see we have no special wash day down here, just wash when we have time so this [is] my time and I always try to keep my clothes clean.

Write soon as you can and believe me always as yours to command

With love



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