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Letter, 28 August 1918 with cover




Letter, 28 August 1918 with cover


Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana.


Manuscript Collection, The Filson Historical Society


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Mss. A L265 / 2


Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Thursday, August 29, 1918.
16 Battery Officers Training School, Camp Taylor, Kentucky Aug 28, 1918
Dearest Nellie - Again I will write a few lines as I am waiting for my leggings to dry so I can put them on. think I will try to go over and see Mrs. Klotter this evening if nothing happens, as I would like to see her before I leave here, and if I do I am going to write and tell you what kind of a time I had. Last night I dreamed I was at home with my folks, also that you were present. but this morning it was only a dream. It has quit raining and the sun is shining out bright and pretty. it is also cooler. Well I certainly have been sleeping the last few nights[.] can't hardily [sic] get awake at all, but when I one get washed I feel fine. The boys are preparing to leave just as fast as possible as they have to get every thing in tip top shape before they leave, and must turn in all their old clothes first then they will buy new uniforms for themselves. they all get a few days furlough, but some live so far away that I don't think they can get home. Pa must have rented the Rosengards place after they went home from here as he said he did not know what they would do. I have been trying to get him to quit, but I guess I had just as well quit because he wont as long as he lives and then I have nothing to say anyway. Suppose Ann will get the most of the fruit as she always does, then complains that they can't get any thing to live on. it is something all the time. We have the name of having the cleanest kitchen and barricks [sic] of any in Camp and we want to leave here with kind of a name. you aught [sic] to see me scrub and mop the floor. oh! well I will show you when I come home just how I do it so you need not worry ha! ha! When the bugle blows in the morning at 5 oclock all the candidates have to get up, are given fifteen minutes to dress then the Seargant [sic] blows a little whistle and they fall out or come to attention in a line where the roll is called. they they go thru an exercise for 30 minutes then they fall out for mess, then after mess or breakfast they are given what ever is assigned to them, and so on until retreat at night or 6 oclock when they get supper. After supper they have a study period until nine oclock. as you see the life of a soldier is not all play. It would be a grand sight if you could see them when they are drilling or when they march with the military band. it makes one feel like he had cold chills running up and down his spine. Seven years ago this month I started keeping company with you and I can say that while I have seen some sad moments I have spent the most happy years of my life by your side and in you presence. you have been an inspiration to me and it has made me a better man in every way, for which I thank you in my weak way. I have tried to return the best I have to you but don't know how I have succe[e]ded. You will have to excuse this change in pen and pencil as my pen is empty and I was not quite thru so will finish with this pencil. Those cigars you sent were the best I have smoked in a long time[.] they were so mild, were not a bit strong, and I smoked the last one just a while ago. also I eat my chockalate [sic] bar it was just fine and tasted just like more. I am going to get me two buttons to wear on my coat collar when I find out just where I belong. some of the boys are wearing one with U.S.[?] on one and 159 Depot Brigade on the other, but I won't get mine until I find out for sure.
Well good bye until tomorrow,
As ever with love,


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