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Letter, 5 August 1918 with cover




Letter, 5 August 1918 with cover


Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana


Manuscript Collection, The Filson Historical Society


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Mss. A L265 / 1


16 Battery Officers Training
School D. 16
Camp Taylor Kentucky
Aug 5 1918

Dearest -

This is enough to make a preacher swear one will tell you to write one address and some one else will tell you another. now the Mess Sargent says this above address is right. so look out that you get this one I may get your letters but it is best to write to this address.

I went over to my old address and got a letter from Pa. they say Alice and Fred are going to have a sale the 15th Aug and that the grain is going to spoil unless it quits raining altho their corn is extra good.

Did you get my watch back O.K.?

It is hot enough to wash dishes in any of the water and the men can hardly stand to drill altho they could stand it better than if they had ice water.

It certainly has been hot in the kitchen today, and I just have to stand it until tomorrow noon then I get off 24 hrs.

Well the women were thick down here Saturday evening and Sunday but none for me and it was lonesome to[o]. seemed like I had no friends, but I guess I have just the same.

A bunch of the K. Ps are setting here and they are talking all kinds of nonsense and I come very near writing some it it to[o].

Say don't kill off all those roosters as I don't hear any talk down here ha! ha!

Noel said Octave had taken my place I suppose he meant teaching my class ha! ha! hope so any ways. because if it was my other place I would come home right away, see.

Keep all you kisses and hugs for me.

With love



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