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Letter, 21 September 1918 with cover




Letter, 21 September 1918 with cover


Frank Raymond Lane, Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, to Nellie Rahe, Milan, Indiana.


Manuscript Collection, The Filson Historical Society


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Mss. A L265 / 2


Letter addressed to Miss Nellie F. Rahe, Milan, Indiana, Rural Route #2, Box 52 Postmarked Sunday, September 22, 1918.
Camp Taylor Kentucky [Saturday] Sept. 21, 1918
Dearest, This Saturday evening and again I will write a few lines. I don't know what to think. I have not had a letter yet, and it nearly drives me mad. so I am going to have my address changed and then no matter where I am while in this camp I will get it. sur[e]ly you have written to me before this or have you been to[o] busy. Well, our bunch of new men came in yesterday evening and we had to get breakfast for them[.] if they had not come until Monday I would have got a five day furlough, but the Captain said as they were here I would be needed so I did not get to come as you see[.] but the first time I can get a 48 hr pass I am coming home to see you. Oh! yes, did I have one of my undershirts there when I was home? I can't find it here. I understand we will not get our winter clothes for some time to come. I wish we could have them now. The sun has been shining today but it was cool for all that. I have not had my check cashed yet but when I do I am going to send you fifteen dollars and then you can keep it until I return. will send what I can spare every month when I get paid, and if any thing should happen to me it will all be yours, and no one will be the wiser. I think I will go over to Coke [Station] after awhile and attend the show and see the girls dance and sing. They act somewhat like R-h and E-na - L-b. so you see they are some chickens ha, ha. and have so much paint and powder you can't see their skin. Every thing is going sky high down here such as cigars and candy and I have just about quit[.] I have not smoked any today and only once yesterday[.] they cost to[o] much and I don't like the kind they have either. Oh! you don't know how I long for you especially on Sundays and Saturday afternoon[.] it is just awful to see every one else out here with their sweetheart and not a soul that I know. then is when I think most of you altho you are in my thots all the time day and night. and what better could I have. When this reaches you I will probably be getting ready for my dinner and ready to write again, so when you write send it to - Private Frank Raymond Lane Y.M.C.A. No 152 Camp Taylor, Kentucky don't mistake the no. 152.
With love, Frank


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