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Letter from David Wood Meriwether to William Meriwether, 14 September 1785
In this letter to his father, Meriwether tells of life in the Beargrass area, some instances of Indian hostilities, mentions a Spanish settlement, and tells of his family. He also mentions the number of available daughters for his brother from…

Map of the United States in North America with the British, French, and Spanish dominions adjoining, according to the Treaty of 1783
From New South Wales and St. James Bay in the North to the Carolinas and northern Florida in the South and west to the Mississippi River.
Map shows towns, rivers, creeks, and frontier forts.

The American Geography
A view of the present situation of the United States of America, containing astronomical geography, geographical definitions, discovery, and general description. Included is a particular description of Kentucky, the Western territory, map of the…