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Letter from John J. Audubon to Richard Harlan, 20 March 1833

Letter in which Audubon discusses his recent seizure that left him paralyzed in his pen hand, mouth, and lips, and the gassing of a golden eagle so he could paint it. Discusses his "Birds in America" series.

Diary entry describing Native-Americans mounds, 20 December 1815
Daniel Chapman Banks was a Louisville Presbyterian minister. The diary chronicles his 1815-1816 trip from Connecticut to Louisville in which he travels through New Yok, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. This diary entry discusses Native-American mounds.

Letter from William Clark to Jonathan Clark, 9 September 1807
Clark writes his brother Jonathan from Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, while conducting a major archaeological fossil dig at Thomas Jefferson's request. He describes what has been unearthed so far and mentions their brother George Rogers Clark being drunk…

The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucky
Contains the adventures of Daniel Boone, the minutes of the Piankashaw council, an account of the Native American nations inhabiting within the limits of the thirteen United States, and the stages and distances between Philadelphia and the Falls of…

A topographical description of the western territory of North America
A topographical description of the western territory of North America, containing a succinct account of its climate, natural history, population, agriculture, manners and customs, with an ample description of the several divisions into which that…

American Antiquities and Discoveries in the West
An exhibition of the evidence that an ancient population of partially civilized nations, differing entirely from those of the present Indians, peopled America, many centuries before its discovery by Columbus. And inquiries into their origin, with a…

Letter from Charles Wilkins Short to Daniel Drake, 17 December 1816.
Dr. Charles Wilkins Short writes to see if Dr. Daniel Drake was aware of the two species of coffee nut tree. Included is a sketch of the tree's seed pod on the last page. He also addresses the rumors he has heard concerning Drake's relocation to…

Drawing of coffee nut tree seed pod, 1816

A sketch of the coffee nut tree seed pod from the last page of a letter from Dr. Charles Wilkins Short to Dr. Daniel Drake.

Travels through the states of North America, and the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797.
Includes view of the natural Rock Bridge, houses, conditions of the enslaved peoples,the land, cultivating tobacco, lower classes of people in Virginia, unhealthy apperances, the Shenandoa Valley, German immigratnts, landscapes, military titles that…