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Linen and Cotton Sheet
An 'M's & O's' patterned sheet made of linen and cotton. The family narratives for this linen sheet states that it was made in 1816 by Betsy Breckinridge Meredith, sister of John Breckinridge. Family narrative also states the flax was grown, spun,…

Letter from David Davis to Thomas Bodley, 7 January 1796
This letter from David Davis to Thomas Bodley mentions one Fanny Malone being paid for mending and washing shirts for him.

Letter from George Corlis to John Corlis, 13 April 1816

Letter from George Corlis to John Corlis contains more on the impending construction of an addition to his house, his continuing troubles finding laborers, and agricultural news.

Letter from John and Susan Corlis to Joseph, George, and Mary Ann Corlis, 14 April 1816
In the first part of the letter, John Corlis writes to George of the poor real estate market and his tight money supply but states that he will be able to cover George's recent drafts. He hopes that George will get the greatest yield from his crops,…