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Richard Rudd Estate Sale broadside, 1833
Advertisement by executor James Rudd for an estate sale in Nelson County, Kentucky, on 12 September 1833, for the deceased Richard Rudd's belongings, including furniture, books, livestock, and other items.

Remarks on Cholera, 1833
Remarks on cholera as is appeared in Lexington, Kentucky, in June of 1833. From The Transylvania Journal of Medicine and the Associate Sciences.

Letter from Barthelemi Tardiveau to St. John de Crevecoeur, 7 October 1789
In second letter dated 7 October 1789 Tardiveau writes St. John de Crevecoeur regarding the growing of cotton in Kentucky and Cumberland (Tennessee), trade possibilities with Spanish Louisiana, and the planned manufacture of cotton cloth in Kentucky…

Letter from Henry Clay to Thomas Hart, 25 May 1805
Letter from Henry Clay to Thomas Hart discussing the impossibility of large vessels passing through the Falls of the Ohio. He also discusses Napoleon Bonaparte's assassination, stating that "a revolution ought not to astonish us."

Letter from Henry Clay to William Simmons, 14 December 1813
Letter from Henry Clay to William Simmons at the War Department requesting the proper pension to be paid to the widow of Colonel John Allen, who was killed at the Battle of River Raisin.

Letter from Isaac Hite to Abraham Hite, 26 April 1783
Letter from Isaac Hite to his father relating his business interests in land speculation, salt works, and iron manufacturing. He discusses American Indian hostilities, specifically a raid at Crab Orchard, Kentucky, in which an African American fought…

Letter from Amos Kendall to F. G. Flugel, 10 March 1815

MssC_K_18140310_002 copy.jpg
In this letter, Kendall discusses social customs, quoting "Are you rich? You are courted and carressed. Are you poor? You are despised or neglected." He mentions a man murdering his wife. Included is another poem, this one dscussing the bright future…

Letter from Ann Thruston to Captain John O'Fallon, 30 January 1819
Reports to her brother of social news, the impending marriage of Ann Bullitt to a widower, Mr. Howard. Says it was generally thought that Ann would never marry because “she would have no person that would ever think of her fortune but must marry her…

Mary Adair letter, 23 November 1799
Letter from Mary Adair to her sister, updating her on her family and wishing she has enjoyed "all of the happyness of a wife and mother in the midst of an agreeable family." She worries of her father dying soon because without him she will be…