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A map of the United States of America: with part of the adjoining provinces from the greatest authorities
Shows the thirteen colonies and as far west as the Mississippi River, including the western territory, Kentucky, and Tennessee, the northern tip of Lake Superior including parts of Canada and New Brunswick.

Letter from Samuel McDowell, 20 December 1813
McDowell describes the health of Kentucky volunteers under Governor Shelby and conditions on the campaign Harrison led against the British and Indians in Canada. He tells of the sickness and fever that has afflicted many men of the militia, and that…

Travels through the states of North America, and the provinces of upper and lower Canada, during the years 1795, 1796, and 1797.
Includes view of the natural Rock Bridge, houses, conditions of the enslaved peoples,the land, cultivating tobacco, lower classes of people in Virginia, unhealthy apperances, the Shenandoa Valley, German immigratnts, landscapes, military titles that…