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Letter from Richard Clough Anderson to Jonathan Clark, 17 October 1801
Richard Anderson writes Jonathan Clark from his home, Soldiers Retreat, near Louisville, with William Clark as the letter's carrier since he is traveling east to Jonathan's. He discusses land business, his son Richard Jr., attending school in…

Letter from James Asturgus to Richard Woolfolk, 27 June 1788
Letter from Asturgus to Woolfolk at Mrs. Christian's in Mercer County. Mentions kettles and furnaces (saltworks). Mentions proposed partnership with Mrs. Christian, hopes Woolfolk will put in a good word for him.

Two invoices for the accounts of Audubon and Rozier, 1 April 1810
Includes an 1 April 1810 account between Ann Maupin and Audubon & Rozier with a note from William C. Galt that Audubon would not deduct the cost of a pair of shoes. The second account from 1 April 1810 is with Beall for clothing. Both accounts are…

Receipt of Bland Ballard, 24 August 1787
Receipt signed by Bland Ballard for receiving eight and a half bushels of salt on Mrs. Christian's account from James Asturgus.

Hiring out agreement for an enslaved woman named Clara, 29 December 1807
Hiring out agreement for an enslaved woman named Clara, stating which clothes Beatty needed to supply and that she can be given up if proven to be with child.

Hiring out receipt for an enslaved woman named Hannah, 24 August 1809
Hiring out receipt for an enslaved woman named Hannah.

Agreement between Thomas Bodley and Thomas Thompson, 1 July 1812
Business agreement between Thomas Bodley and Thomas Thompson in which Bodley allows some caves on his property in Greenup County to be mined as long as he receives one-third of the saltpeter excavated.

Receipt for Annie Christian purchase, 7 April 1786
Receipt for purchase of textiles by Mrs. Annie Christian; payment by Richard Woolfolk on reverse.

Broadside entitled "Some Notices of Kentucky, Particularly of its chief town, Lexington," 28 August 1828
Broadside written by Mathew Carey of Philadelphia under the pseudonym of Hamilton. He briefly outlines the development of Lexington, commenting on its educational and cultural institutions, its churches, businesses, economy and trade. Louisville and…

Order of Annie Christian to Mrs. Hinch, 14 August 1786
Note from Christian to Mrs. Hinch to let John Parker and John McGuire have 60 bushels of salt; requests that Mrs. Hinch take up orders "as fast as they come" and take receipts for all orders to send on.