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Watson McFerran Residence Architectural Drawings, 1936

Drawings of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Watson McFerran in Mockingbird Hills.

Norman Lewellyn Residence Architectural Drawings, 1936

Drawings of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lewellyn in Mockingbird Hills.

Joshua B. Adams Residence Architectural Drawings, 1956

998AR3.1884[5602]_Joshua B. Adams.TIF
Drawings of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua B. Adams on Upper River Road.

Kentucky Title & Trust Co. Building Architectural Drawings, 1935

Drawings of the Kentucky Title and Trust Company building on Speed Avenue.

An illustrated map of Kentucky: a 400 year record of historical events and places, c. 1900s

Map of Kentucky by Stratton Hammon. Shows rivers, mountains, forts, Indian villages, famous homes, and the sites of battles and sieges.

R.D. Ezell Residence Architectural Drawings, 1936

Drawings of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Ezell, Jr. in Mockingbird Hills.

Louisville Hotel Architectural Drawing, c. 1855

Murphy, D.X. & Bro., Architects Louisville Hotel photo copy.jpg
Drawing of the second floor of the Louisville Hotel, on 6th and Main Streets.

Unidentified Theater (thought to be the Louisville Auditorium) Architectural Drawing, 1916

Murphy, D.X. & Bro., Architects Louisville Auditorium copy.jpg
Drawing of an unidentified theater thought to be the Louisville Auditorium. Location is not listed.

Irvin's Vault Architectural Drawing, 1867

Murphy, D.X. & Bro., Architects Irvin Funerary Vault copy.jpg
Drawing of the Gothic mausoleum in Cave Hill Cemetery known as Irvin's Vault, which inters Captain J.F. Irvin. Shows front and side elevation.

Harlan Residence Architectural Drawing, 1861-1877

Murphy, D.X. & Bro., Architects Harlan House copy.jpg
Front elevation drawing of the three story Italianate home of General John M. Harlan, located at SS Broadway, between 1st & 2nd Streets.