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    Alline Nichols writes to Weller to "let [him] know how I am getting a long." She states that she "is the little girl that the left the home on the twenty six of june for allen county," and that granpa nichols and his son Brista met her at the depot. She describes her journey to her current home in Allen county, going to school, getting baptized, and doing housework. On the back of her letter, W. B. Nichols writes that Alline wanted to send this letter, that she is fine and healthy and very happy in her new home. Letter marked Settle, Allen Co., KY. In a letter from 13 August 1895, Warren B. Nichols writes to the Home about Alline, referring to her as "little Amanda Alline Barge." He says that Weller requested he write him, and says that Alline is doing very well, going to school, and is "just getting along happy." Letter marked Settle, KY.
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