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    P. B. Miller writes to the Home on behalf of Farthing, who "desires a girl 13 or 14 years old." He says to write him at Sturgis, KY for terms and conditions. He goes on to say that Farthing lives with his wife, owns a good farm, and will provide well. Letter marked Morganfield, KY.

    Quinn writes to Hollingsworth in regard to a little girl she is in the process of adopting. She asks if she should send the bond to the Home, and also includes instructions for delivering the girl. Letter marked Sturgis, KY (handwritten) and Caseyville, KY (embossed). In a letter from 14 Feb 1895, Quinn writes again to the Home stating that she has "watted some time expecting to hear from you if you have declined" her offer to adopt a girl. Letter marked Sturgis, KY. In another letter from 21 Feb 1895, Quinn writes to Weller to say she feels she has "bin treated bad" because she drove to Morganfield to give a bond for the girl and never heard back. She later refers to the girl as Elly, and explains the lengths she has gone to formalize this adoption. Letter marked Sturgis, KY.

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