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Inventory of Joshua Fry’s Estate, August 7th, 1754.
An inventory of Joshua Fry's estate, dated August 7th, 1754. The people Joshua Fry enslaved are listed by name and value: Branham, Jack, Bonser, Sompy, Dick, Shorvin, Uam, Joane, Kate, Sarah, Pompy, and Phillis

Last Will and Testament of William Christian, March 13th, 1786.

The last will and testament of William Christian, dated March 13th, 1786. This document lists the forty-seven people he enslaved and who they will be transferred to upon his death. The people William Christian enslaved are named as follows: James…

Letter concerning the health of Rachel and Diana, women enslaved by the Bullitt family, January 24th, 1845.

A letter from Mildred Ann Bullitt (Oxmoor) to her son John C. Bullitt (Lexington), dated January 24th, 1845. Mildred mentions Rachel and Diana, two women she enslaves, and their health.