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Letter to W. L. Weller from J. T. Casebir, September 6th, 1893.
J. T. Casebier writes again to the Home to update her previous information on the widowed Lucy Kerteller. She states that she recently discovered the reason she wanted to give her daughter up to the Home was actually because she was planning to marry…

Letter to Miss Mary A. Hollingsworth from J. T. Casebin, September 1st, 1893.
J. T. Casebin writes to Hollingsworth on behalf of Lucy Kerteller, a widow who has a little girl who will be three on January 18th. Kerteller does house work and moves often and is unable to care for the girl. She asked Casebin to write for the…

Letter to Mary Hollingsworth from J.J. Swan, December 10th, 1873.
Letter to Hollingsworth from J.J. Swan of the Union Depot Hotel in Rockport, Indiana discussing Bethel Church.