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Letter from Richmond, 2 July 1780
Letter from Richmond in which the author updates Arthur Campbell on news in Kentucky and describes the three sections the country is divided into.

Letter to Henry Massie from Helen Bullitt Massie discussing the people they enslave, September 22nd, 1811.
A letter from Helen Bullitt Massie (Richmond, Virginia) to her husband Henry Massie (Washington D. C.), dated September 22nd, 1811. Helen Massie Bullitt writes about Peter, a man enslaved by the Massie family, as well as Agnes, Betsy, and Nancy.

Letter to Patrick Henry from Annie Christian discussing her estate and the people she enslaves, September 1786.

A letter from Annie Christian (Cove Spring, Mercer County, Kentucky) to her brother, Patrick Henry (Richmond, Virginia), dated September 1786. Annie instructs Patrick on what to do with her property and the people she enslaves in the event of her…