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Patrick Henry to William Christian, 17 March 1786
Patrick Henry writes to Christian about land transactions, inquiring whether certain individuals are respectable business partners.

Patrick Henry to William Christian, 25 February 1786
Henry writes Christian on various subjects including the navigation of the Mississippi, treaty negotiations with Spain, the scarcity of cash, and the cost of enslaved laborers.

Letter from Annie Christian To Patrick Henry, no date
Letter to Patrick Henry requesting he post an announcement of William Christian's death in Virginia papers and send three mourning rings for her daughters from Annie Christian.

Letter to Patrick Henry from Annie Christian discussing her estate and the people she enslaves, September 1786.

A letter from Annie Christian (Cove Spring, Mercer County, Kentucky) to her brother, Patrick Henry (Richmond, Virginia), dated September 1786. Annie instructs Patrick on what to do with her property and the people she enslaves in the event of her…