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    Page writes to the Home to inquire about adopting a 10 year old boy "of good blood, good looking and one I can make something out of." He includes a reference, has a wife and no children. Letter marked Horse Cave, KY. A second letter from 24 Feb 1894 states that he would "prefer adoption," and hopes to provide a good home for "the 'boy.'" A third letter from 21 April 1894 states that Page's wife "is not an invalid but is quite feeble" and is suffering from a "spell." He says that because Weller "demand[s] a decision at once" they are unable to commit under existing circumstances. Letter marked Horse Cave, KY. On 14 July 1894, Page writes again, saying that "after long waiting to see how my wife's health would get I will write you not to hold the boy any longer." He calls the boy Enos. Letter marked Horse Cave, KY.
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