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Letter from William Clark to Edmund Clark, 15 April 1809
Clark writes his brother Edmund from St. Louis reporting general news regarding the town and some of its inhabitants. He comments on the status of their nephews Benjamin O'Fallon, there with him in St. Louis, and his brother, John O'Fallon, in school…

Letter to Dr. T. T. Eaton from John P. Hemby, October 4th, 1893.
John P. Hemby writes to the Home asking to secure a place for an orphan named Charlie Gordon. Charlie is 10-12, has no mother or father, and lives currently with his "homeless and peniless" grandmother. His father's name was Bro. C. M. Gordon, who…

Letter to W. L. Weller from E. S. Candler Sr., June 9th, 1890.
Letter to W. L. Weller from E. S. Candler, Sr., in Iuka, Mississippi. Candler Sr. writes that he would like to adopt a little girl, but the Home's requirements make it unacceptable to "adopt any child under any circumstances."

Letter to the Home from Geo. Robertson, June 3rd, 1890.
Letter to the Home from Geo. Robertson in Utica, Mississippi, writing about a little girl he adopted.