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Letter to John C. Bullitt from Susan P. Bullitt concerning the health of people enslaved by the Bullitt family, November 25th, 1849.
A letter from Susan P. Bullitt (Lynnford) to John C. Bullitt (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), dated November 25th, 1849. The letter mentions the health of the following people enslaved at Oxmoor: Aunt Dinah, "Uncle Little Bill," Aunt Betsy, Eliza Julia,…

Bill of sale for seven enslaved persons, sold by Elizabeth Scott and bought by Alexander Scott Bullitt, June 11th, 1789.
Bill of sale for Noah, John, Lizzie, Nanny, Cyrus, Ann, and Charlotte, seven enslaved people transferred from Elizabeth Scott to Alexander Scott Bullitt, dated June 11th, 1789.