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    Lella Robertson writes to the Home in regard to a girl in her parents' charge (possibly her sister?) and giving her up to the Home. She says that she can "place her in good hands here or send her to you," because her mother is dead and her "home being broken up." Letter marked Rock Lick, KY. On the reverse side of the letter, Weller writes to Geo. A. Cubbage to ask if he knows "the party" on 7 Feb 1894. On 8 Feb 1894, Cubbage writes to say that he does not know the signer, but that Rock Lick is in Breckinridge county and about "30 miles from here." He says that if the girl is 14 or 15 years old, his aunt, Mrs. Geo. W. Cubbage, (who "took Lelia Crockett some 20 years ago from the Home, and who Miss Hollingsworth knows") can take her. Letter unmarked but Geo. Cubbage is from Leitchfield, KY.
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