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Deed to Cottonwood plantation gifted to Dr. Henry Chenoweth from William C. Bullitt, January 1st, 1860.

A deed from William Christian Bullitt to Henry Chenoweth, dated January 1st, 1860. Dr. Henry Chenoweth was married to Helen Martin Bullitt, William C. Bullitt's daughter. This deed grants Chenoweth half of the Cottonwood plantation, as well as the…

Letter to Thomas W. Bullitt from the Chenoweth Family mentioning Judy and Rose, two women enslaved by the Bullitt family, December 27th, 1859.

Letter from Henry Chenoweth, Mildred Ann Chenoweth, and Helen M. Chenoweth to Thomas Walker Bullitt, dated December 27th, 1859. The letter mentions Judy and Rose, two women enslaved by the Bullitt-Chenoweth families.

Inventory of Joshua Fry's Estate, March 10th, 1755.
An inventory of Joshua Fry's estate, dated March 10th, 1755. The people Joshua Fry enslaved are listed by name and value: Movroceo, Leeps, Granda, Dinah and her two children Jack and Judy, Peggy with her child Jenny, York, and Auger.

Letter to John C. Bullitt from Mildred Ann Bullitt concerning the health of people enslaved by the Bullitt family, January 6th, 1850.
A letter from Mildred Ann Bullitt (Oxmoor) to her son John (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) she gives him news of the slaves' illnesses and writes that it's, "the nature of the darkies to take every advantage." The letter is dated January 6th, 1850.…

Last Will and Testament of Alexander Scott Bullitt, August 24th, 1815.
Alexander Scott Bullitt's last will and testament, dated August 24th, 1815, and probated on May 13th, 1816. This document mentions all the people enslaved by Alexander Scott Bullitt, including: Jenny (and her four children Bobb, Molly, Stafford,…