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Deed of Trust between John Fry and Joshua Fry, November 5, 1811, and bill of sale for Moses, April 18th, 1811.
A deed of trust between John Fry and his father Joshua Fry, dated November 5th, 1811. In this deed, the people enslaved by the Fry family are listed by name and gender.
(Men:) Billy, Harry, Banthett, Bob, Peter, Davy, Lut, Hercules (Women:) Sally,…

Letter to John C. Bullitt from Martha Bullitt concerning Samuel and Frank, two men enslaved by the Bullitt family, September 8th, 1841.
A letter from Martha Bullitt (Oxmoor) to her brother John C. Bullitt (Danville), dated September 8th, 1841. Martha Bullitt mentions that Samuel, a man enslaved by the Bullitt family, had "invented a new puzzle out of a piece of leather and two sticks…